Missionary package ideas

do you have a friend or reletive out abroad serving a mission? Somedays it can be hard for them out there, so what about making care packages? Here are 5 simple ideas on how to help your missionary feel love from home;

1. When you write letters, ask them about investigators and follow up on thier progress. Remember to include encouragement and to share uplifting scriptures.

2. Make them an MTC survival kit, to be honest, I think every missionary would love to know that they have family or friends at home that care.

3. Express your appreciation and love for them. They have left home for a short while, so that families can be forever for eternity. 

4. Make letters for when they need them, for instance have one with “open now” on it, and another with “open when needing encouragement” and so on.

5. Send bookmarks or stickers and such that you can send in a envelope, just to make thier day a bit brighter.

The missionaries in our lives need to know how much we care for them and this way, they can feel love from home.




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